Chemical Guys VRP Super Shine Dressing



What is it? It is a premium water-based dressing, that works to restore deep-black look to vinyl, rubber and plastic pieces. Protects against fading and staining from harmful UV rays. It penetrates deep and last long. While also being easy to apply.

How do you use and or apply it? You apply the product on a applicator-pad, squeeze a small amount onto the pads face and rub into the surface of your vehicle. Finish by simply rubbing all excess dressing into the surface for a smooth and revitalised finished.

Does it really work? Yes! It works wonders, to be completely honest when I first heard about this stuff it was from a friend and before purchase I also read a few reviews on how well this stuff works. Let me tell you this stuff does not disappoint! Apply the correct amount and work into the surface and you’ll be left with amazing results. Your results will look just the same as others online. It really is great stuff that I use on my personal vehicle.

How much do I apply? You don’t have to be very generous with this cream. That being said a small line on a average size applicator-pad is more than enough. Of course depending on the surface area you might have to re-apply the cream onto your applicator-pad. Please see images above if your curious on the size to apply to the applicator-pad.

How long does it last on the vehicle? Depending on what you apply the cream to it can be a from a week to three weeks from my personal experiences. For the side wall of a tire after a fresh wash it can keep the tire looking brand new for about two weeks before it will start wear off. With surfaces that don’t see direct sunlight they can last even longer.

Am I being paid for this review? No, Chemical Guys in no way shape or form sponsor me and this is just my own verdict.

Is it safe to get on your skin? Of course with most car care products it’s recommended to use gloves, mainly just to reduce mess. However Chemical Guys say this is safe to get on your skin but be sure to wash your hands after handling or eating any food.

How much does it cost and volumes it comes in? Again this depends where you choose to purchase from. My personal preference is eBay stores. I can get a 16oz bottle for £13 with free shipping, however they also sell a 4oz bottle for £5 and a 1 Gallon bottle for £40.

In my opinion is it priced fair and how long does the 16oz bottle last the average guy? Certainly, for what it is and how little you need to apply for amazing results it worth it. It’s even cheaper than some of it’s direct product competitors and is it’s best in class according to several other reviewers. So I’m more than happy to pay £13 for a 16oz bottle, that I still have 3/4 remaining after using it on loads of car trim.

Do I recommend this? Yes, I’ll happily give this a 10/10 and recommend to a friend or family member who wishes to revitalise and restore faded colour to vinyl, rubber and plastic trim. It’s really that good.

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