Engine-bay Fusebox Cover


So the main fusebox or fuse-block assembly. Not the prettiest thing in the engine bay right? Especially since you’ve dressed up the rest of the bay and your just their staring at it wondering how to make it look cool. Few things you can do.

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First you could paint it to match the same colour as the valve-cover, battery cover (if you haven’t already relocated the battery elsewhere). That is one good option.

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Or if you want another option there’s this. Simple piece of acrylic that either comes with a MS (Mazdaspeed) logo or MX-5 font-text. You can find the seller by clicking here. It simply attaches by using some rubbing alochol to clean the surface of grease etc and then peel off the sticky 3M adhesive on the back and position it and give it a good push and that’s it.

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Done. Simple mod. No excuses.

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