Questions & Answers

Q: Why did you choose a MX5?

A: Few reasons really, the most important to me though. The weight balance of the car.

Q: Why a NC over a NA or NB?

A: My NC1 is still in the unknown zone relatively speaking for tuner cars. Nobody has quite discovered the NC1’s full potential yet. In a way I suppose I can relate to my car in that respect. I don’t know my limits yet and together me and this chassis can discover them together. That’s why.

Q: Why did you pick the E81 as your first car?

A: Simple really, manual six-speed and rear-wheel-drive. Even if it was an open-differential it still taught me loads about car control. Besides I couldn’t insure a NC as my first car so this was just a place holder until I could insure my beloved NC1.

Q: Can you as a driver feel the difference between a open-differential and limited-slip-differential?

A: Yes, increased grip and traction out of corners is very noticeable. Especially when cornering hard. Also quite obvious when power-sliding and doing burnouts aha.

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