About Me

Who am I?

My name is Bradley, I am the creator of this blog. As of writing this bio I am nineteen years old. Some would say I am obsessed with speed. Truth be told they wouldn’t be wrong. I came up with the idea of starting my own blog back in September 2017. It took a few years, leaps and hurdles but we made it.

What’s my story?

Growing up I always had an interest in photography, shortly after I found my love for cars from some popular films such as The Fast and Furious by the man himself Paul Walker. Without Paul I’d of never taken an interest in cars. Thus never looked twice at motorsport. After discovering my love for cars I also then in my teenage years found I love motorcycles also. A few years ago I finished watching Initial-D and Wangan Midnight and took serious interest in driving techniques and motorsport. What can I say? I have a passion for speed.

What is Project RWB?

Project (Racing With Brad) started back about three years ago now. The projects goal has always been to show my progression from an amateur athlete to one day become a professional in a form of motorsport. Documenting as much as humanly possible along my long journey. Hopefully to inspire others who believe their goal is to one day become a motorsport athlete as well. So, to summarise my response to the question, it is a project in a form of a blog to show my progression from an amateur driver/rider to one day becoming a professional. That is my dream. That is RWB.

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