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About Me

Who even am I?

Welcome to my blog. My name is Brad, you had probably already figured that by the name of this website. I originally started this blog back in twenty-sixteen and it’s taken me forever to get here. I made this blog to share my passion and quite frankly addiction to motorsport. Since I was little, I knew I had a passion for speed and engineering. My ideology of this blog is to share as much information on my MX-5 build as possible and what it takes to build a reliable track-capable weapon. In the future, I wish to create a solely dedicated race car. Until then my MX-5 will be the only car under the knife.

As I briefly mentioned. Every single article I’ll ever produce will be incredibly thorough to the best of my abilities. I wish to throw the NC/MK3 MX-5 chassis under the spotlight and show people what it’s capable of. I feel the NC generation deserves the same amount of love as every other generation MX-5.

You can follow me on the sites linked below simply by clicking the icons. You’ll find sneak peeks on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Major changes or updates will be uploaded to my YouTube channel but don’t expect frequent uploads as I prefer writing these articles. I feel when writing these I can pack in more information than I can do at the time of recording. That said, any requests to show a video of something in particular I’m happy to make that happen. The best way to contact me is either on social media. Or if you’re old school like me you can fill out the form on the Contact Me page. You can expect me to reply within 48 hours usually. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I am by no means a qualified mechanic and I don’t have any training in the automotive field. Please check with a qualified mechanic or engineer if your not sure what the laws are about modifying your car, as different countries and territories have different laws. So check with a professional if in doubt. I am in no way responsible for anything you do to your car, that may or may not cause harm to yourself or others. Thank you.