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About Me

Want to get into Motorsport but you have absolutely zero experience and your chances look slim? Me too!

Welcome to my blog, my names Brad. I originally started this blog back in twenty-sixteen and it’s taken me a long time to get here. This blog was made as a way I could share my passion and quite frankly addiction to Motorsport. Since I was little I had a passion for speed. I come from the South-West and from a family with absolutely no connections to racing. That however has never stopped me pursuing my dream; to one day become a professional racecar driver. My ideology of this blog is that it can share useful information for others on how to get deeper into the sport with no prior background.

I also like to build and customise cool fast cars. I’m currently working on my Mazda MX-5 which I eventually plan to turbocharge to make it a fast street car. As much as I love everything about racing, my second passion is wrenching on my car. I love learning and this should be apparent I like to do as much as I can throughout the blog.

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Recently I’ve been active on social media again, after many long years of my accounts just sitting dormant due to lack of courage to post. No purpose to post. That’s changed. Your going to be able to see a lot of stuff before it makes it’s way onto the website on my social media. The links to my accounts on each platform are below. If you like my content and ideas I would be extremely grateful if you followed me on them. It’s also another means of contact for me.

I’d also like to use this space to say a disclaimer.


I am by no means a qualified mechanic and I don’t have any training in the automotive field. Please check with a qualified mechanic or engineer if your not sure what the laws are about modifying your car, as different countries and territories have different laws. So check with a professional if in doubt. I am not responsible for anything you do to your car, that may or may not cause harm to yourself or others.