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Questions and Answers

“Why do I choose an Mazda MX-5??”

“The MX-5 has always been a drivers car. That was the first reason, but as someone who appreciates clever engineering and design MX-5’s have always appealed to me.”

“Why did I choose the NC1/MK3.0 out of all the generations??”

“I get this question quite a lot. Because the NC/MK3 chassis has always been slatted and been mentioned it’s not as good as the other three generations. When truth be told this couldn’t be farther from the truth. These cars are being used more and more in racing and would honestly surprise you what this generation can do.”

“What was my first big modification to my car?”

“Definitely fitting my BC-Racing coilovers. These entry level BR-series coilovers completely knock the fourteen-year old Bilsteins out of the park. They sort out the monster truck ride-height that was not corrected until the NC3/MK3.75. But more importantly they allow me to feel the road 100% and that is incredibly important in a sports-car.”