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What’s the best trim level to buy to get myself all the performance extras?

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What’s the better engine 1.8L or 2.0L?

The stock 2.0 litre compared to the 1.8 litre is hands down the better engine. Obviously if your looking at boosting your vehicle in the future then you’ll have a faster turbo-spool up time because of the increased displacement. Higher rev-limit especially on the later NC2/3 2.0 litre LF engines. Due to the upgraded forged-crankshaft. The 2.0 litre engine is actually a Mazda designed engine whereas the 1.8 litre is a Ford engine.

How much power can these engines make reliably?

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What’s the cheapest turbo kit for the NC?

The cheapest drive-in drive-out kit in the UK is definitely the BBR stage 1 kit. Now as for a retrofit kit. That’d be the Fab9 GT kit. If you’re feeling brave like Stewart then you can make your own turbo kit and tune for less than £3,500. Link to Stewarts YouTube here.

Why did I even consider the NC MX-5?

So like most growing up. I really wanted a NA or NB. I couldn’t insure one for my first car in the UK. So when I had the chance to sell my soulless BMW E81 116i I did some homework and learned the NC platform had way more potential and out of all the generation MX5’s responded the best to modifications. The prices were low as nobody wanted them as the aftermarket hadn’t really started showing interest yet. But I could see it coming and pulled the trigger.

When did you first get your NC?

I picked up my 2006 NC1 2.0L Sport back in 2020. I paid £3,100 with about 70,000 miles on the clock. The condition was quite tidy for what it was. The same car today would be £4,000 all day.

What’s the purpose of this blog site?

To share as much free knowledge as humanly possible about the NC MX-5 platform and my antics along the way like getting your feet wet in track days and events.

How can I help the site?

You can help by sharing articles, with your mates. Commenting and asking questions to something perhaps I haven’t covered in an article. Following and liking my posts on social media. The more we can help spread the knowledge, the better informed we become. Likewise if you have an alternative solution, method or approach to a job then please let me hear it. Your best method of talking to me in that particular instance is via Facebook or Instagram. You can contact me via email on the contact page if your feeling nostalgic.