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YASHA is the name of my MX-5.


What is YASHA?

Yasha started out life as a 2006 Mazda MX-5. Commonly known as a NC1 in the MX-5 community. At time of writing this I’ve owned her for four years. She was my second vehicle since I passed my license. Yasha is a reflection of my ideas and themes on four wheels. Designed by myself and tunned by PerformanceLink.


Why the name?

Yasha was chosen as the name of this project because of its Japanese folklore. A “Yasha” is a demon like creature. Often depicted as fierce and malevolent beings. They are often described as looking intimidating with sharp claws, sharp fangs and my favourite bit. Multiple heads or faces. Which I use as a metaphor to describe myself. Hence the cars name being very fitting for those that were curious.

How would you summarise Yasha?

Yasha is essentially a soft-top NC1 2.0 Sport that has had the soft-top roof removed for weight and space reasons. Then a factory fiberglass hardtop installed in its space. A Garrett turbocharger fitted on the drivers side with the factory driveline components. A return-style fuel system conversion using Radium parts for reliability sake. Massive Enkei RPF1 wheels and Michelin PS4 tyres. The hood has been cannibalised by myself to fit SingulaityMotorsport hood louvres. Finally CarbonMiata rear brake lights that have been modified by myself.

What is the power output?



Why is the car so extreme?

Going back to the start. I’ve always said this car is an expression of my thoughts and themes. Unfortunately for some people that means I like a lot of things. Hence the visually loud styling choices. Some of the reasons for the choices made are the following. An perfectly good excuse to run wider wheels and ultimately rubber; aiding in traction. I never remotely liked the NC1 brake lights, hence the classic car style lights. As for the ducktail that was absolutely necessary to give the rather bland rear-end that little extra flare it needed. That is strictly cosmetic purpose only.

Why so much detail to the interior if a racecar?

This is surprisingly asked a fair few times. Yasha was not built solely as a dedicated track-car. I’ve always wanted this car to retain its creature comforts while also offering the essentials for track work. Which promptly answers why the car still retains A/C controlled by the Haltech.

Wondering what every single component I use is?

Wonder no more. Unlike the majority of gate-keepers I like to make this information public so you guys may be able to make some use of it. I’ll start below from category to category covering every last detail.

Engine block and components

  • Standard NC1 2.0 block.
  • Standard NC1 2.0 crankshaft.
  • Standard NC1 2.0 pistons and rods.
  • Standard NC1 2.0 valvetrain.
  • Standard intake manifold, modified by yours truly to delete EGR and to permantely fix variable plenum length to shortest.
  • Standard 65mm throttle-body, the anti-icing coolant circuit still connected.
  • NC2 revised dip-stick.
  • NGK BRNUMBER spark plugs.
  • Kraken NC unofficial turbo kit
  • K&N air-filter.
  • Custom air-intake.

Engine oil system

  • Mountune remote oil take-off plate.
  • GReddy thermostatic oil-filter housing, mount custom made.
  • Setrab NUMBER oil-cooler.
  • K&N NUMBER oil filter.

Cooling System

  • Koyorad radiator
  • Standard fan and shroud.
  • Rerouted exhaust side coolant hose.
  • DaveFab coolant tank.

Power-steering system

  • Mishimoto NUMBER power-steering cooler.
  • Millers power-steering fluid.

Fuel system

  • InjectorDynamic EV14 1050cc fuel-injectors.
  • Radium fuel-rail.
  • Radium rail-mounted fuel-pressure-regulator
  • Radium rail-mounted fuel-pulse-damper.
  • ForeInnovations xAN-ORB extension, for fuel-pulse-damper to clear standard intake manifold.
  • DW340 fuel-pump.


  • Haltech Elite 1500 ECU.
  • Haltech WB1 NTK single-channel.
  • Haltech I/O Expander Box-B.
  • Haltech ScanART 52mm gauge.
  • Haltech four-port CAN hub.
  • RoadsterWireWorks patch-harness for NC.
  • Modified factory engine and body harness, EGR, Lambda’s, Alternator wire and variable intake delete.
  • Custom made auxiliary sensor harness.
  • 150PSI TexasInstruments pressure sensor, for engine-oil pressure.
  • 150PSI TexasInstruments pressure sensor, for coolant pressure.
  • 145PSI Bosch fluid pressure and temperature sensor, for fuel pressure and temperature.
  • Haltech oil-temperature sensor 1/8NPT, for engine-oil temperature.


  • Yausa YBX5053 AGM battery, relocated to boot for balance and space reasons.
  • Motamec battery enclosure.


  • BC-Racing BR-series adjustable coilovers.
  • BC-Racing BR-series dampening adjustment extenders, for boot access.
  • Nielex brake master-cylinder brace
  • Custom made brake master heat-shield.

Braking and Clutch System

  • V8Roadsters Wilwood four-pot front BBK.
  • Motul RBF660 brake and clutch fluid.
  • Hel stainless-steel clutch-hose.
  • Nielex clutch pedal assembly gusset weld-on brace.


  • CarbonMiata over-fenders
  • CarbonMiata quad-led brake-lights
  • Relocated third-brake light LED into diffuser
  • eBay rear diffuser
  • “MiniMiracle” Fiberglass duck tail MK3 soft-top spoiler
  • eBay smoked LED side repeaters sequential
  • GV-style front lip
  • Honda S2000 short stubby aerial
  • Generic blind-spot mirrors
  • Generic mirror rain deflectors


  • Personal neo-grinta 350mm black leather with red-stitch
  • Volantech custom-specced carbon-fibre button panel
  • WorksBell NC/RX8 short-boss kit
  • WorksBell quick-release gen 2.0
  • JFCustoms black leather with red-stitch shift and handbrake boot
  • Pioneer SPH130DAB Apple-Carplay
  • JBL 8602 6×8 2-way coaxial speakers
  • BOSEctomey
  • Pioneer windshield DAB antenna
  • Pioneer telephone microphone
  • Kenwood reverse-camera
  • 5Race bolt-in rollbar
  • 5Race bolt-in doorbars.
  • Broadway 300mm flat clip-over rear view mirror
  • Soft-top delete
  • OEM grade black carpet for soft-top delete
  • Sparco EVO QRT’s (regular size)
  • Cybul base seat-mounts
  • Sparco 6 point aluminium racer harness
  • I.L. Motorsport centre-storage module
  • Circuit-Sports handbrake button anodised red

Wheels and Tyres

  • Enkei RPF1 17x10J ET43 5×114.3mm
  • Michelin PS4 255/40/17
  • Mutkei SR48 open-ended wheel nuts
  • Mutkei matching locking nuts.

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