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The straight-forward aftermarket steering-wheel install in NC/MK3 Mazda MX-5

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How to install..?

I’d usually write my own installation guide, however. The forums had a great post that I could not find anything wrong or misleading with. I actually used it to install my steering-wheel. So I have linked it below. Credits to the author of this post.


The only thing you must be aware of is when installing a powder-coated quick-release you will need a way/method to ground out the horn. You can use included ground-rings that go between your boss and quick-release and have a tab for a female spade connector. This will then ultimately connect to your horn for a ground. Or you could do what I did which was is unique to my boss, the cutaway for the clock-spring passthrough connections expose the last bottom centre threaded hole. So I extended the thread all the way to the rear and installed a small bolt with a ring-terminal crimped to a fly-lead for a ground from the backside of the boss to the quick-release horn back-plate.

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